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The  African American Heritage Society of Rutherford County  was
organized in 2014 following interest generated by the founding  members
of the organization who participated in a project known as, The Wisdom of
the Elders.   

This project helped us to formalize our thoughts regarding the collective
reservoir of knowledge of African American life in our community in the
minds of our senior citizens.

The  African American Heritage Society of Rutherford County 
operates as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of our
Mission and Vision.

The Mission of the African American Heritage Society of Rutherford
County is to discover, preserve, teach, and share the heritage and history
of African Americans in Rutherford County, Tennessee by

1. expanding the knowledge base and raising the
community’s consciousness regarding the historical and
cultural heritage of African Americans by documenting the
contributions of individuals to their community, county,
state, or country;

2. organizing and sponsoring seminars, forums, workshops,
programs and events, sponsoring exhibits, and issuing

3. identifying, acquiring, and supporting the maintenance of
places with historic significances, which includes, but are
not limited to, cemeteries, churches, schools,
organizations and family genealogy.

General Meeting:
Our meetings are open to the public with voting privileges limited to the
members in good financial standing.

Regular meetings of the AAHSRC take place on the 4th Monday of each
month from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center
415 South Academy Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee  37130

About Us: