Below are the duties and power of each committee.
Committees shall not financially obligate the Society in any
manner without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
Please refer to bylaws for full descriptions of each committee.
· Identify properties that may be of historical
· Work with the Research Committee to
document the history.
· Present finding to the Board of Directors.
· Advise the Board in all areas that would further
the objectives of the Society.
Budget and Finance
· Oversee the finances of the organization.
· Prepare and present budget to the Board of
· Review the financial status of the Society
monthly and make recommendations for
allocations of funds and/or for projects.
· Be responsible for securing and maintaining IRS
· Review the bylaws as needed and provide a
complete revision every three (3) years.
· Generate amendments to the current bylaws to
meet the needs of the Society.
· Plan activities that will raise funds for support of
the programs and expenses of the organization.
· Identify and solicit individuals and foundations.
· Oversee member services and, with appointed
assistants, be in charge of the following
o Meeting attendance records.
o Delinquent members.
o Programs to increase memberships.
· Work with officers and committees as needed to
conduct fundraising projects.
· Report the list of candidates to the Board of
Directors at the March Regular Board Meeting.
Oral History
· Develop a systematic process to collect oral
· Identify individuals to be interviewed.
· Conduct interviews.
· Publish the results.
Program and Projects
· Identify and recognize individual or groups who
made a significant contribution to the African
American history of Rutherford County.
· Schedule seminars and lectures to educate the
public as to the importance of the African
American history in Rutherford County.
· Make the public aware of the activities that
relate to the Society.
· Develop a relationship with the media at the
local, state and national levels.
· Complete research tasks to support the activities
planned by the Program and Projects


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